[Track Of The Day: The Collectable Few “Headstrong”]

Already well on their way to being deemed recipients of the highly-coveted “the band that came outta nowhere but blew everyone’s socks off” title of 2011, West Londonites The Collectable Few have so far managed to get picked up by Universal-owned artist management super-hulk 21st Artists, and score a single deal with the uber trendy Laissez Faire Club label, upon which our track of today, Headstrong, was released on the 24th of last month. Falling into line, perhaps even at the front of it, of the new breed of power-pop guitar bands like Killing Moon-approved Morning Parade, Polarsets and Kill Van Kulls, expectations are high for these four to dominate both the airwaves and the club scene, and this track shows elements of The Cure and/or VHS or Beta in the retrospective end of the spectrum. Manchester types will be lucky enough to have the chance to catch them with rising stars of tomorrow Dog Is Dead on 3rd March. London types will be similarly lucky to catch them at Proud Galleries on the 25th February, and/or at Borderline on the 30th April.

2 Responses to “[Track Of The Day: The Collectable Few “Headstrong”]”
  1. Glen says:

    Hi killingmoonlimited, I like your blog!

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