[Track Of The Day: Dananananaykroyd “E Numbers”]


Nothing new or even relatively buzzy in terms of fresh-on-the-scene about our track of the day this fine Friday afternoon. It’s even better than that. Everyone’s favourite Glaswegians Dananananaykroyd have simply uploaded a new tune from their forthcoming second long player. It’s given us that energy rush that we so richly deserve after a particularly exhausting week, consisting of catching copious amounts of shows, birthdays, meetups, coffees, scanning, slapping, teasing, body-grooving, energy drinks and weird sweets from cornershops that have no natural ingredients contained within – it’s as if this song, aptly named E Numbers, sums everything up in a neat 4 minutes and 14 seconds. We’re also rather stoked to learn this gang are gearing up to an appearance at the annual Camden Crawl at the end of April/start of May. Listen below and enjoy the weekend. Party on dudes.


Dananananaykroyd – “E Numbers”

One Response to “[Track Of The Day: Dananananaykroyd “E Numbers”]”
  1. camdenfan says:

    Everyone keeps telling me I need to add Dananananaykroyd to my must-see list for this year’s … seems they might be right …

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