[Track Of The Day: Whirr “Leave”]


We’ve recently rekindled a strong appreciation for My Vitriol as of late. If you’re one of our million-billion friends of ours on Facebook (what can we say, we’re friendly guys), you may have noticed the big ol’ metaphorical boner we have for Som Wardner and our University College of London heroes – Som/heroes, please don’t freak out if and/or when you read this, we still very much would like to go for a civil drink with you and we promise this is the very last time we go on about it. However, this does very much follow on from our recently-developing obsession for lazy summer tunes that are laden with incredible guitar tones and non-discernable lyrics that we automatically assume to describe tales of heartbreak, new grooves, and other themes that operate around the central principal of getting either on or off with a significant other. So just you imagine our toothy grin when we came across California shoegazers Whirr (the band were up until recently named Whirl, and follow other bands of note such as Films and that-band-what-wanna-be-Oasis who have also been asked politely to change their name) for the very first time, who strike us as the perfect bridge between early Little Death and our aforementioned guitar stalwarts of the mid-to-late 90’s. Perhaps with a bit more oomph to Yuck‘s twiddliness, these chaps recently released a 12″ seven-tracker by the name of Distressor via Tee Pee Records/The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing (the latter being those happy chappies who brought you recent A&R scrum instigators Gross Magic), a digital version of which you may stream by following the clickable link above. From what we can tell the band are currently burning like a wildfire through their native State; we predict they’ll be over here due to domestic demand quicker than you can whack a pie in Rupey Murdoch’s face.


Whirr – Leave

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