[Track Of The Day: Laki Mera “More Than You”]

At last it’s the weekend. The sun has just about kept shining and we’ve been able to enjoy life beyond the office. Ach is off with our label signees Worship in Portsmouth, and I’ve been having a very chilled day mooching around SW London enjoying the time to listen to lots of great music. As it’s now coming up to 10.30pm I’m going to keep this brief, but no less passionate about this great track. So without further ado I give you, ‘More Than You’ ,from Glaswegian 4 piece Laki Mera. Aside from the slightly odd name this band have masterfully created a track that brings together a great mix of traditional band sensibilities with an electronic glaze. A beautiful fluid track that flows pretty effortlessly held together by the Potishead esq vocals of Laura Donnelly. For this time of the evening (whilst being in on a Saturday!) the ambient nature of this track is seriously refreshing. It reminds me of certain Massive Attack and Cocteau Twins tracks that created captivating and interesting soundscapes without loosing melody or structure. Although these references are to bands that aren’t the most current, Laki Mera have produced a track that is certainly relevant in today’s music culture. You only have to look as far as The XX and James Blake to see that they should fit in quite nicely.

Laki Mera – More Than You

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