[Track Of The Day: Brightlight City ‘The Others’]

How is it even possible after a relatively chilled weekend, that after only three days into the working week it already feels as though it should be Friday. Many plates are still spinning at KM HQ and that’s just the way we like it, even if it does mean bleary eyes more beard than usual. We were, however, seriously excited like kids in an unmanned sweet shop about Worship last night at Scala supporting Dry The River. A couple of months have passed since we joined forces with this amazing band, and tonight we will feel like proud parents watching them do a kick ass show. Talking about things that are pretty kick ass, it feel apropiate to draw your attention to our Track Of The Day. The Others by London based Brightlight City is an rockin’-indie, mildly-screamy record that gave today the kick in the ass it needed. Enough solid riffage and chant vocals to keep the emo inside us happy yet decent structure and production to keep the critical music blogger in us tapping our toes. For reference, Brightlight City kind of fall somewhere between Hell Is For Heros, The Automatic (dubiously!) and a hint of Rival Schools. Possibly with more pop influences, which is why I say The Automatic, but their songwriting and general musicianship is certainly better. Having listened to bands like Hell Is For Heros in my school days it was quite nostalgic to revisit a sound that held many memories. Songs like this make kids getting into music want to pick up guitars and start rock bands, which in our opinion can only a good thing.

Brightlight City ‘The Others’

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