[Track Of The Day: Embers “Tunnel Vision”]


A pretty fly-by style Track Of The Day for youse guys this shiddy February afternoon. By way of news, we’ve announced that we will be joining forces with Manchester’s Beatwolf Records on the upcoming Strangers release; we’ve got a new dude on board the good ship Killing Moon (everyone say hey to Adam); we’ve got a meeting in Old Street in a couple o’ hours which should preclude our next big and exciting announcement; we’ve got a bad back, most likely owing to having one of those memory-foam mattresses that has turned our spine into a massive pussoir. By way of music, we’ve got Manchester’s Embers who are currently vibing us hard and freaking us out at the same time with their personalised brand of shoegazey-noise rock, which to us feels like a breath of fresh air in contrast to the numerous (but still bloody good) similar-sounding outfits emerging from that neck of the woods of late. The music, brilliantly enough, is the same sort of sounds we’d imagine glowing real-life embers to make after a roaring fire burns out – and in real-terms, we think the sound places itself somewhere in between the likes of The Fall, The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Vitriol and a bit of Perfect Circle. If you’re an outspoken ofnear-orchestral, apocalyptic doom-music (and let’s face it, which real music fan wouldn’t be at least a bit interested in that?), we’d suggest you get yourself down to Sounds From The Other City in Salford on 6th May, where they’ll be playing their live debut in lieue of a London show (we hope).


Embers – Tunnel Vision

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