[Track Of The Day: Jake Mattison “Sorrow”]


There’s three reasons why we’re going to try and keep this blog post short and sweet – in fact, there are probably more, but like we say, we’re trying to keep it short and pretty sweet. Firstly, we’re a bit sheepish because ol’ J-dog of Laissez Faire Club fame has been telling us about our current Track Of The Day’er for, well, ages, and hopefully this will go some way to prove that we do write this stuff down and we are indeed working through a massive list of artists from recommenders ranging from, er, The Recommender to our mum (no joke. Mother Killing Moon knows her shit. She brought us up on Gloria Estefan, ya dig?). Secondly, we have bought chicken on the way home following a most-triumphant Club Killing Moon at the Bull & Gate. Thirdly, that chicken is getting cold. So, let’s do this. Jake Mattison is a dude who writes music and plays an acoustic guitar – which may be the biggest understatement since we described our futile attempt to book Pulp for a one-off show at The Borderline last year as “a cheeky favour”. In the writing sense, Jakey was asked to write for EMI-person Emili Sandé by Virgin Records A&R/marketing types and apparently didn’t hear them properly and promptly walked out – this not only illustrates just how cool he is, but also may go some way to show just how triple-hard the guy is, having not-as-good hearing as he could do possibly by virtue of the fact that this particular Mancunian used to be a boxer in some capacity. To say Big Jake is just a dude that plays an acoustic guitar is a bit like saying Frank Turner is just a guy that used to front Million Dead – having witnessed his bitter-sweet vocal and technical playing at Metropolis Studios recently, we can say with some degree of certainty that it’s not just the story that’s captivated us about this guy; the music’s got us by the balls too. Even better news is that Sorrow gets a release through Laissez Faire Club on 4th June, and he’s playing Upstairs At The Garage on the 25th April. Which is, like, today. Gutted as we are to miss it as we’ll be booming it up to Worship at The Lexington, we’re more than pleased to learn Jake will be playing Great Escape on the 10th May.


Jake Mattison – Sorrow

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