[Track Of The Day: G R E A T W A V E S “(Icicle) Run Free”]


We’re not particularly well-known for our appreciation of EDM and it’s many associated genres and derivatives. But that’s okay; we’re not particularly well-known in general by a lot of people. Part of the problem, or (if you’re looking at it from a more inclusive angle) the brilliance, to do with outwardly being perceived to be into a vast range of musical platforms is that you look like a plank in front of the musical elitists. For example, we get the same treatment talking to dubstep or punk rock purists for not knowing absolutely everything about the respective scenes as we do when we’re talking about football and subsequently get strung up for not have near-encyclopedic knowledge of absolutely every single player for every single club at ever possible level in every possible degree of compeititiveness that ever existed now and in perpetuity. It’s like we’re not allowed in unless we pass the entry exam; in which case, we are led to think, what kind of open-minded hippy fest is music anyway? Because our mum regularly tells us about about music she hears about, depite our appearance to be seemingly more knowledgable about the topic in general, does that make her opinion any less valid than ours? But yeah, enough bellyaching; lets talk about G R E A T W A V E S. We know sweet, sweet FA about this enigmatic duo (as far as we can tell there’s two of em) other than they’ve been floating around the online world for the briefest of spells just before the start of this year, and having just said that we realise that could be considered a while in certain circles. They’re seemingly involved with the stalwarts of the Manchester live scene Now Wave, having recently been seen lauding about with previous TOTD’ers MONEY last month in that very city. Musically, given our 1% knowledge of the genre et al and our excuses above, we’re going to say that this shall be filed somewhere in between Wu Lyf, Idiot Pilot, Mogwai – heck, given we’ve been listening to this all afternoon so far, we’re going to say we can even hear Yeasayer and our good buddies Worship in certain places. If you think you know more than we do on this then do get in touch; we’re dying to expand our horizons on the subject.


G R E A T W A V E S – (Icicle) Run Free




G R E A T W A V E S – Are Calling


G R E A T W A V E S – You (Live)

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