[Track Of The Day: Hunt In Pairs “Prayers”]


Staying in tonight kids. Too muggy. Too many goddamn emails we gotta send out for Festifeel in time for Monday; somehow we’ve been drafted into doing PR, as in we’re the dudes that you have to go through in order to write about and/or take nice photos on the day itself. Strictly speaking, we’ve never actually done this before; but given recent events, this is just another situation where our square peg somehow fits into a circular hole (heh heh, hole). Also, it’s the Diamond Jubilee this weekend. The ol’ Diamondy Jube. To be perfectly honest, rather than giving the due and proper to Her Majesty (although we’ll be honest, we kinda like the old girl; particularly coming from the line of work we’re involved in, we’re hardly ones to complain about anyone born and bred into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Not that we’re rich or famous. Other people are though), we’ll be celebrating generally having some actual R&R on the assumption that we can’t work while everyone else is booming it up in what looks to be a total bloody washdown over the next two days in London – and yes, fingers and toes are crossed that the humid raininess will have subsided come Monday, given that ourselves and a shitload more people have, um, poured a lot of time, work and effort into planning the festivities taking place on that day. Our hopefulness in this regard leads us nicely into touch with the new Hunt In Pairs track Prayers, which just so happens to be our current Track Of The Day. We became aware of this sonically-intriguing London duo a little while back – round about the same time we were balls-deep in pushing Worship onto the kids, specifically – when a mate that works at a place we hate more than hell itself got in touch to give us the heads up, which of course we’re super grateful for. The most interesting thing about Hunt In Pairs for us is that we simply cannot pinpoint the noise they’re projecting into our ear holes – attempting to describe a similar sound leaves us thinking and therefore writing Niteflights, Polarsets, Unicorn Kid or perhaps Breton, but even then this still seems just a little left of the mark. It’s like an itch you cannot scratch due to not exactly knowing where it is, or trying to remember a dream about five seconds after you swore you wouldn’t forget what it was about. So, really, all this has achieved is activating our in-head persistance to not rest until we nail this. Thanks Hunt In Pairs. We were really looking forward to getting some quality kip in as well.


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