[Track Of The Day: H.A.M “Untitled”]


Rather than dwelling on just how the hell we even came across the fabulously-named H.A.M, mainly as we could spend weeks pondering on this point and getting absolutely nowhere owing the sheer labyrinth-like clicking-around-on-the-internet mode of activity we’ve undertaken in terms of our journey of musical discovery at this stage (we used to call this “the Myspace game” – to our younger readers, think of Myspace as Facebook but when dinosaurs ruled the Earth), we’ve decided to concentrate on working out what those three precious letters actually stand for. The foremost, as in the most plausible on our mind is High And Mighty. We’ve also thunk up the following: Hittng A Monkey, Holding Anti-Matter (Star Trek 4 Lyf y’all), Holy Ass Material, Hot Autistic Maturity, and, our personal favourite, Hamster Ape Man (a beast developed in secret by our government to combat and defeat Man Bear Pig, obviously). It may well be all of those things. It may well be none of them. Maybe the dudes behind H.A.M, if indeed they are dudes, just really like ham and like to keep us guessing like the planks we are. Either way, we’ve managed to fill up a whole blogs-worth of shite-chatting because of this band we clearly know nothing about, and that deserves something. It also helps that, despite this possibly being the worst recording we have had the fortune to clap our ears on, is at the same time one of the most impressive guitar-anthems-in-waiting to us since The Strokes started asking everyone Is This It or not. In fact, we’re having an awfully hard time working out whether this is in fact Mr Casablancas going all Misfits on our asses; indeed, another strong plus is that these guys have fine taste in artwork. Put your headphones on and turn it up really fucking loud to get an idea of what we’re blathering about. Also, if you know who these guys are, give us a shout and send them to a mastering engineer.


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