[Track Of The Day: May Kay “Echo”]


Episode two of the “we are stressed” saga today chaps. Think of it as one of those end-of-one-series-start-of-the-next two-part feature length thingies, like Star Trek or perhaps The OC if you’re a tiny bit cooler than that. Actually, having just written The OC probably isn’t very cool. Do people remember The OC? Has it been completely supplanted by shite like Made In Chelsea or Jersey Shore as respective-yet-still-totally-made-up insights into the lifestyles of the rich and/or famous? Does anyone other than us actually give a fuck? See, here’s the problem – it’s shite like this that actually keeps us up at night. You can more or less assess our sleeping patterns by listening to Dartz’s seminal indie-emo tune and co-incidentally soundtrack to the latter half of our University stint (while we type this, we release that we graduated from uni ourselves pretty much exactly 5 years ago today. Damn) Once, Twice, Again!. Anyway, we’re not giving up. We will be trill, no matter how many grey hairs we accumulate or how many heads we bite off along the way. So we’re rather grateful for a calming new track from our not-so-calming buddy Cara (she’s the lady that presents the Strongroom Sessions and KMTV for us. She’s cool. She’s bona fide) in form of shiny-shiny new May Kay and her furtherance of ambient vibes a la Echo. We’re going to say that horribly clichéd thing (although please understand we have the best intentions here), in that we feel there is something quintessentially British about the voice of this bright new spark, who Cara tells us goes by the name of Amina. To elaborate on that, we mean we get the same feeling here as we did the first time we listened to Loui Rose (or Foxes as she’s now called), Dido (and what?), or that lady that sings the pretty vocals on Massive Attack’s Teardrop. Amina describes her hometown as East Brappage. We’re praying that claim is as genuine as this song feels.


May Kay – Echo

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