[Track Of The Day: Victoria “Sympathy”]


So it’s Father’s Day, whereby all those celebrate all things dad-ish and by eating, sitting, watching telly, drinking and generally thinking about (his) life. Really that’s no different from any other Sunday for us, save for the fact that our actual dad has buggered off somewhere presumably to have a good time without his mid-twenties-ranging-to-mid-thirties set of children (or offspring, rather, given that we’re all technically young adults now). It’s like he’s done his bit now, as in discharged both legal and moral obligations toward his younglings, and now wants to enjoy life with mum free from our money-draining interference. And who can blame him? Being a dad looks fucking difficult, and you can imagine given how big-mouthed and smart-arsed we set out to be, we weren’t the easiest kids to bring up (believe us, we’ve seen the video evidence from when we were 3 and we’re pretty bad) – but then again, take a wild guess where we get it from. So today’s Track Of The Day – Victoria‘s second here on the good ship Killing Moon, which has only happened a few times we think – has relevance for two reasons. Firstly, we have the utmost sympathy for all we have put our dad through to date, and what we are likely to put him through in the foreseeable future (although the lyrical content of this track may well contradict that, but roll with us here). Secondly, perhaps less relevantly to anything at all, we watched The Young Victoria last night (fuckyeah), during which we noticed Prince Albert looks like Intern Adam. As a tertiary, it really does help that that this is yet another excellent indie-rock song from a band that are clearly not afraid to actually rock hard, littered with elements from The Killers and Interpol, and the performance aspect of this iPhone-shot clip has incited a near-riot in our person demanding that they play a show for us real soon.


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