[Track Of The Day: History Of The Trade “One Arm’s Length”]


There’s actually something quite endearing about living a life of struggle. Having just written that, we realise that there probably isn’t in fact for a lot of people, but of course we’re talking about us, so bear with. To put this in context, say you had worked in a job that on paper (i.e. as far as everyone else is concerned) actually sounds super cool, but in fact is rather boring, or more truthfully somewhat soul-destroying. Say that makes you chuck the proverbial towel in after lumping it in this fashion for quite a bit, you spend three months on your arse, until you find you’ve got so much to say about the whole thing that you start a self-gratifying blog, in part (albeit a large one) driven by a sense of having absolutely nothing to lose by doing so, and in another part perpetuated by a desire to try to show off a bit. Or build one’s confidence, or whatever.  The point is, there’s an element of an ostenisble sanctuary existing in this limited sense, compared to what others might think one used to do. You’re one degree removed from the thick of it all, the politics, the pointlessness, the bullshit, and it becomes almost your definition. The idea that all of that may change imminently, albeit clearly for the better, threatens that sanctuary, or indeed may ultimately taint it to the point it’s being used for something else , for someone else. Then again, it may well not, and could be the greatest thing you’ve ever done. Anyway; that’s our hugely-over-extrapolated-but-kinda-cryptic rationale for today’s Track Of The Day from Canterbury via London via Bournemouth indie foursome History Of The Trade with their now-the-title-makes-sense track One Arm’s Length, the video for which was floated just ahead of a most-triumphant and very much sold-out headline bash at London’s Barfly venue this Friday just gone past. Which can’t have been easy, seeing an awful lot of people may well have been watching England play some football with Sweden with all their hearts in their mouths at that particular time. Hence the HEADLINE slot kids – sometimes it’s worth skipping out the middle-on slot for the sake of queen and country. Bringing it back to the music from our frequent digressions, we’re actually a bit put out that we missed this lot – drawing on undertones of  Temper Trap, Feeder and a bit o’ Tellison, and you got yourself a goddamn party.


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