[Track Of The Day: Battleships “In Retrospect”]


We sort of promised ourselves we wouldn’t do any “work” this weekend, in light of us reaching the near-exhaustion point round about Thursday this week just gone (truthfully, we nearly fell asleep in one of those big-boy label meetings that you can often find us attempting to be so charmingly befuddled in) having acheived the crazy-eye status due to even less sleep being attained than we’re used to these days. Then again, since when have we really considered any of this “work”? Sure, when we’ve been doing this for someone else, which we may well be doing in the near future, but if doing what generally defines you on a regular basis is indeed one’s work in a certain respect, then goddamn everybody’s a workaholic in a way. This is one of those weekends where we would just sit around pondering about life and the course our adult existance has taken to this point we’re at right now, presumably because of the exhaustion, and of course we’re just doing that anyway in spite of pouring our thoughts onto this here blog. So (here comes the relevance-bit) we’re grateful to one Nick Law (sorry it took a while man) for slinging excellent-for-pondering track from Australia’s – Sydney to be exact – Battleships and the aptly-titled Track Of The Day In Retrospect. By excellent-for-pondering, the sonic embodiment of this sentiment really translates into gently-vocalled, borderline-progressive guitar pop music (rolls off the tongue, that does) that us dudes from the ‘burbs are so often caught listening to; for want of comparisons, which is what everyone wants really, we’ve come up with Worship, Duologue, and consequentially a bit of Radiohead and Sigur Ros littered throughout this near-four-minute-wonder. They also seem to be into noir-style video clips and carefully-placed lighting arrangements to emphasise the moodiness here, which is just fine by us.


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