[Track Of The Day: Playlounge “Revolution Summer”]


Off the cuff, we’re finding it very hard indeed to find something about Playlounge that we don’t approve of. Let’s disseminate. Analyse. Break it down for ya. The best place to start, as always, is the music. Like a bat of of hell, Revolution Summer does more for us in under a minute-and-a-half than most songs take a lifetime to achieve – as general description, we’re talking a burst of lo-fi’d scuzzy guitars mixed with a punk rock vibe that successfully manages to poke fun at inferior pop imitations whilst simultaneously crowning itself king of all of that shit. Specifically, vibes in the shapes of early Foo Fighters, Lemonheads, Telekinesis, Llama Farmers, The Dillinger Four (NOT The D4. They don’t sound anything like The fucking D4), and perhaps a far-less mournful Silversun Pickups, are chucked in our way, and by virtue of the fact that we’re dropping so many names in relation to such short a track should give some indication to precisely how suckered in we are by this. As far as image goes – and we don’t care how sanctimonious you are, it does matter because we’re human – that lethal combination of lazy boyishness, chequered shirts and the cheeky confidence of youth results in one of those bands that we really wish we were in. In fact, we were in one not too dissimilar from this, except we were way shitter. They also seem capable of churning out artwork not a stone’s throw removed from the quick turnarounds Let’s Wrestle used to don the Full Time Hobby with way back when we were a post-franker circa 2006. We haven’t been this taken by a band since Paws flew into our lives, and we really hope you can see, hear and feel the same way.


Playlounge – Revolution Summer


One good tune deserves another. And another.


Playlounge – The Turtle, The Balloon and The Whale


Playlounge – Dye

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