[Track Of The Day: Meursault “Flittin'”]


Speedy-speedy-cha-cha-real-smooth-now-y’all type post. Seems like we haven’t just blasted one of these out for quite some time now, which is surprising given the amount of good shit we’ve had to get on with. Although that’s probably not really the case. Anyway, Edinburgh’s Meursault is what we wanna chat to you about. There’s about, like, a hundy or so dudes in this band. Although according to those vital Facebook stats, conventionally there’s only really between 5 and 8 populating members of this outfit, which in contrast to the unconventionally-brilliant sounds courtesy of current Track Of The Day Flittin’ actually makes a lot of sense. We’re going to pause there (at risk of missing our tube, mind) to pay homage to the quintessentially Scottish ability to basically conjure up words that somehow carry a modicum of meaning within their accented pronnunciation yet are clearly made-up. We love that. We do that ourselves a lot of the time, but have never had the balls to put a band around it and turn it into a song that would challenge the resulting culmination of The Sleepy Jackson, Band Of Horses, Mumford & Sons and Maccabees. We can only imagine how intense the live show gets. Right, gotta go. Don’t be a dick, and actually listen to this; then go buy it when Song, By Toad decide to ut this out as a proper rekkid on 9th July. Your life will greatly improve as a result, trust.


Meursault – Flittin’


They’ve also done gone and covered themselves for the b-side; a piano-tinted and somewhat more-mournful rendition of the above. Just as well, before someone like Birdie swans in, gets their mitts on it and generally fucks it up for everyone.


Meursault – Flittin’ (piano version)

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