[Track Of The Day: The Suits “In Your Keeping”]


Another one of those shoot-in-and-out style blog posts today we’re afraid kids, ahead of what you might already know what we’re gonna do: the meetings. The beatings. To us, they mean the same thing. Most recently, or rather spread over the last week or so, we won’t pretend we’re not. extracting some smug sense of satisfaction when we’re contacted by people who we have been largely ignored by or indeed have gone out of their way in the past to harm us in a semi-professional sense. Then again, perhaps that’s not entirely fair. We ignore people too, even though we try really hard not to. And if these new-found and surprisingly outspoken fans of our collaborative works are reaching out, would it not just make us as bad as we might perceive them to be if we acted in such lightly-vengeful way? To be continued. In the meantime, calming our nerves and hopefully our increasingly-oversized ego in good time to take these receptions are new-ish LA bunch The Suits, who we stumble upon in all their smokey-vocalled, film noir-shot and James Bond-guitared glory by virtue of their excellent track In Your Keeping. These chaps plus one frontlady have quite rightly cited both Miles Kane and The Last Shadow Puppets as their underlying influences, although interestingly they have stopped short of mentioning Arctic Monkeys lest they make it completely obvious where they sit within a musical remit, or perhaps they reckon they just sound nothing like them. We think we’re gonna throw in some seriously soulful  vocals, like the Ella Fitzgerald version of Summertime, into the mix here to give a complete picture of what we’re getting out of this. Right. Gotta go. Enjoy. Happy birthday to all our American mateys.


One Response to “[Track Of The Day: The Suits “In Your Keeping”]”
  1. Max Kelley says:

    I saw them live at the Hard Rock tonight in Los Angeles and they were incredible!!!!

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