[Track Of The Day: LULS “Young”]


Tired. Ill. Bit pissed off. Admittedly, this has been some time coming. We’ve probably been ill since Great Escape. We’ve not actually had time to rest up since the inaugral Brighton funfest that left us with a residual degree of generally feeling fucked a lot of the time. It’s because you lot haven’t let us.  Yeah, we blame you. The bastardest bit about plunging into the depths of snotty-hell (believe us, we look like shit at the moment. Which is only a minor diminution of how we usually look, but you get the idea) is the knowledge that we’re not going to see our mateys Eye Emma Jedi boom things up and party hard on the main stage at skate/punk/hip hop bash NASS festival somewhere around the Bristol area. Then again, we’ll have some rather splendid news on those guys in the ‘morrow to tell all you guys about. Uplifting us for the time being in our current pit of dispair are current Track Of The Day dudes LULS, and their powerful tune Young. Gracing blog-world with pin-point accuracy as far as getting their shit in order before the our world generally becomes aware of them – that’s called making your first cut the deepest, according to the number of creatives, A&Rs and other assorted musicky types we’ve bumped and grinded with of late – this enigmatic bunch certainly don’t fail to impress by virtue of their Yeasayer-via-Klaxons style vocal harmonies bound in an airy-synth sonic backdrop. You just know where this is headed after spending ten seconds listening to the below clip; indeed the climax is so very nearly enough to make us forget the way our unwellness is making us feel. We need to hear more of this. In the meantime, be sure to download this whilst it’s still available for gratis.


LULS – Young

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