[Track Of The Day: Snapped Ankles “Nowhere”]


London-based weirdniks Snapped Ankles arrive to us on a day where we’re very much feeling the supposed physical manifestation we’re guessing is intended via the arty-rocky types’ chosen nomenclature. That is, to say, we were stood in Hyde Park for at least 6 straight hours yesterday – and by stood, we mean actually not sitting down for the entire fucking thing – and as a result our back and feet are buggered. Not even our Aboriginal-style standing poses relieved the pressure to our tippy-toes. To be fair, our back was already starting to give us shit, which is now a regular weekly occurence. We may have a problem. We should really stop complaining about our back every other day, as we understand it may not be the most attractive asset in our possession right now. Anyway, we saw Maker (awesome), Mars Volta (spacey) and at least a full minute of Soundgarden (only know Black Hole Sun, and we’re pretty sure 90% of the audience are guilty of the same offence to heavy rock), as well as hung out with our buddies, so we’ve memories at least. Anyway, to business – Snapped Ankles quite frankly could not look more different from any other grassroots band by virtue of certain constituents dressing up in, well, grass and roots. Then there’s the mind-challenging music, which may well have been described as art-rock or math-pop were we scribing for a music publication of actual commercial consequence – combining both the crazy and sinister, the artists that we can come up with that just about come within the vacinity of similarity to these chaps – assuming they are chaps – include¬†Talking Heads, birra Joy Division if Digital was playing like a broken record in the bit where Curtis goes “the in, the out”, and a band called VCR who we honestly believe to be one of the most under-rated noisey bunch of punks that never happened. It’s really quite something.



We just can’t resist supplementing our description with the two visual accompaniments below – one clip depicts a boobed-lady wandering about with her natty dreads secured to some big sticks, the other extrapolates that dude draped in grass and roots that we were banging on about earlier. Enjoy.



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