[Track Of The Day: Paul Cook & The Chronicles “Candlelight”]


Today’s somewhat melancholic Track Of The Day comes from everyone’s favourite (well, ours at least) articulately-spoken, privately-educated (he’s damn proud of it too, and he’ll tell you to your face that you never could have gone to public school in the UK. Of which there are, in fact, 13 or something. He’ll tell you that too when you say you could have gone to public school as well if you really wanted to, just to re-inforce the point in general and make you feel like the inept mug you really are) and wonderfully-quaffed indie PR guy Benjamin Ryder-Smith. We’re dedicating this post to him as it’s his birthday today. Course, as everybody knows these days, well-wishing on one’s day of birth is so very far away from official until you etch the letters “HB” on that someone’s Facebook wall, which of course we’ll get round to – heck, if he plays his cards right, there may even be a poke or two for the guy. On a serious and far-more relevant note, Ben’s done well here. Paul Cook and The Chronicles bring with them an air of mournful regretfulness, all galvanised up in a mode of bitter-sweetness that results in the listener being lifted up as much as they are simultaneously brought down; on that, this could easily be the next soundtrack to one of those cool montages that the BBC prep and roll out seemingly within about ten seconds of the English football team committing their latest cock up on the international stage. We like to think that this music carries a modicum of greater integrity – that being an inherently subjective issue in itself – that your average Dry Your Eyes-style bal-lad (see what we did there?). Indeed, this coming from the same stable as personal faves of circa 2009/2010-ish The High Wire (Candlelight is released on Grandpa Stan on 6th August, y’see), we’re more than satisfied that this has more in common with Another’s Blood and perhaps Yesterday Went Too Soon-era Feeder than, say, Oasis or at least the bad bits thereto. We quite like Oasis really. It’s just that we like this way more.


Paul Cook and The Chronicles

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