[Track Of The Day: LTNT “You Love it”/”Leave You Once”]


We’ve been rock-deprived of late. Starved, you  might say. Spending too much time listening to Draper‘s EPs – to the point that we’ve maxed out our repetitious listening allowance on Spotify – but we can be hardly criticised for that. Shit, we manage the guy. However, this depletion on the rock front really came to bear last week at Muddy Shit Hard Rock Calling, which metaphorically speaking was like taking our knackered vehicle for a much-needed servicing, with nearly every other band we caught proverbial wind of caught tuning up in that drop-D (or “the chord” as it’s known as in certain Ealing social circles). To help further our invigouration on this front, KM buddy Simon slung us this little effort yesterday afternoon whilst we were paying him a visit on a legit business expedition, otherwise referred to as “Big Boy Shit”, which just happens to be a North London trio by the name of LTNT. We’ve been reliably informed that this is cool-shorthandy-speak for “Lieutenant” – whether you prefer the Queen’s English or American pronounciation is entirely up to you. Which is nice. LTNT play shouty, ballsy, husky, arena-baiting fuck-yeah style rock music and we couldn’t more more enthralled by their vibes, which carry along the same lines as Foo Fighters, Soundgarden and Mona‘s big-hitters. Strong words. We’re sure at least one of the guys involved in this lot (pictured centre above) could live with those comparisons, especially as he’s clearly happy sporting a Cornell-style lucifer beardy-tash. But for indie-street-cred, we’ll also lay down that we figure this is something in-between Escapists and Dead Confederate. So, you’ve got strong words, strong vibe, strong look. The songs are fucking brilliant too. Don’t be a puss – actually listen to them.


LTNT – You Love It


LTNT – Leave You Once




LTNT – Watch Her Smoke


LTNT – Ride On Daddy


LTNT – In The Back Of Your Mind

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