[Track Of The Day: MUST “Graceland”]


Fuck, man. This heat. We like to talk about our peoples a fair bit, and more to the point how our peoples would react to certain situations or environments. We can honestly say, on behalf of our peoples, that we’re not built for this shit. Also, how is it that we seem to pass by so many sexy sunbathers in parks or park-affiliated conurbations? We mean, don’t you lot have jobs? How do you find the time to literally just sit in the sun, doing fuck all and piling all your concentrations into looking sexy, while we’re literally sweating our body weight in balls on the tube? Well, spending another evening in and listening to hot new indie things MUST is probably the closest we can get to hitting the beach or otherwise catching some rays in a designated location – it makes us feel all beachy on the inside, that is. Taking a lighter, more-1950’s-centric approach on their particular brand of indie rock, there is an awful lot going on influence-wise here: there’s some o’ The Drums (so that’s your beach vibes covered) coupled with an excellent mixture between The Divers, Bombay Bicycle Club, and some of Telekinesis‘ finer moments. They’re not on facebook. A chap called Paul who we know from the days-that-we-don’t-talk-about-so-much-right-now-as-things-are-going-quite-well-at-the-mo sent em our way. He knows his shit. This is good shit. Listen to it.


MUST – Graceland


Shut the front door – there’s MORE.


MUST – Neon Girls


MUST – Magnetism


MUST – 100 Degress (we’re writing degrees because we have no idea how to format the shorthand degree sign. Sorry)


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