[Track Of The Day: Pylo “Disconnected”/”Enemies”]


Our brain has pretty much melted today. Perhaps we brought a little bit too much fuzziness back with us from Falmouth – which is just as well, seeing as we’re headed in that general direction once more bright and early tomorrow morning to catch the incredicool Eye Emma Jedi boom things up at Boardmasters, albeit in Newquay somewhere. In fact, such is the state of our frazzled mind, we should really start to work out where the fuck we’re headed tomorrow, as in beyond the “get on the M4 and just see what happens bit”. We’ll relate this day-long disjointedness between our head and rest of our body somehow to epic-anthem-in-waiting Disconnected, supplemented by other stadium-challenger Enemies, as provided by another brilliant-sounding bunch from Bristol called Pylo. Pylo have a bit of history – they used to be a band called Out Like A Lion. We remember Out Like A Lion from yesteryear when the one DJ at Radio 1 who doesn’t actually like music, Chris “Toadfish” Moyles, played them a bunch of times when the station flipped the order of who-was-presenting-what for about a week or so. We liked em. We like this even more, on account of it’s Feeder-via-Kings Of Leon-via-Dry The River stylings. We reckon there’s a little bit of Duologue and Escapists in there too, and that’s quite alright by us because there ain’t nothing wrong with that. We’ve also just learned they’ve played London’s Bull & Gate rather recently, atop their debut show in their native-ish Bath with pop-reformed hardcore types Pure Love. 6music have played em a couple of times. They’re doing alright then, huh?


Pylo – Disconnected


Pylo – Enemies


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