[Track Of The Day: Harbour “Colder”]


Today’s been a slowwwwwwwww-ass day. And for why, you ask. Because we managed to get that bee that was under our bonnet for most of the daylight hours yesterday, and drown the fuck out of it with booze, good times, sweet tunes, excellent people, and a bit more booze, then some 2-in-the-morning fried chicken somewhere in the Northfields area (you KNOW that shit’s true) following a most-triumphant single launch show that saw Volunteers, The Divers and our very own Eye Emma Jedi share some musical love with probably the best-looking crowd we’ve seen in a spell at the Camden Barfly. So, we’re a bit subdued today. Sure, we held to our own today in some businessy-type meeting thingy, like the fucking pro’s that we are, but now we’re a bit beat and slightly broken as we struggle to contain the evil trapped within the inside of our person following last night’s varied imbibements. Appropriate soundtracking could not come in better form than new-kid-fast-risers Harbour. We don’t know where they’re from, or indeed whether their preferred nomenclature is indicative of their designated dwelling; that is to say, we’re not certain if they are sea-faring folk themselves, but that’s cool either way. So long as they’re churning out heart-string tuggers like Colder to make our resulting day-long hangover seem a bit more worse than it really is, then we really couldn’t give a fig where they’re from exactly. We have it on good authority that there’s a fair bit of talk in many-a label and publisher office about these chaps, and with song and lyrical structures such as these aligning themselves to alt-guitar acts like Twin Atlantic, Futures and Dry The River, its really not that hard to see, or hear rather, why. What’s better is that the bugger in question is completely free to download right now. So, like, do that.


Harbour – Colder

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